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According to Tantra Shastra, a man starts behaving in a different way due to the effect of vashikaran. Based on the vashikaran symptoms, it can be easily identified and eliminated. For this, first of all, you have to understand what is vashikaran ke Sanket/lakshan. After confirming this then you have to do measures to end vashikaran ka asar.

In this article, first of all, we will tell you about vashikaran ke prabhav. Then we will tell you vashikaran karne se kya Hota hai (what happens by doing vashikaran).

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Vashikaran ke lakshan/prabhav kya hai (What is the symptoms and effect of vashikaran)

The first problem that people face is that they don’t know how to recognize vashikaran on someone? Here in this article, we are going to point out some symptoms that will help you with this.

  1. Sickness and weakness often remain in the body of the victim
  2. Victim 0f vashikaran suddenly gets angry on someone for no reason
  3. Victim of vashikaran becomes Mentally unstable
  4. He often fights with the family members and screams on his parents too
  5. Thinking about a particular man or woman whom you don’t like

These are a few lakshan or prabhav of vashikaran on a victim. If you want to know how to nullify vashikaran get in touch with our experts.

How to remove vashikaran

If you have understood that someone has done vashikaran on you. So, now you want to break that or get relief from vashikaran. So try these measures and you will get relief immediately. Here I am going to tell you some remedies for vashikaran removal , by doing which you can get relief from captivity effect. But it is important that you contact me once before doing this. So, let’s start.

  1. Take a clean yellow lemon and place it at where two roads intersect each other at 90 degrees. Do not look back and talk to anyone on the way, come straight home.
  2. Tie the root of mud plant in your neck
  3. On any Wednesday of the Shukla Paksha, throw 4 Gomti Chakras from the top of your head in all four directions. With the eyes down, come back, do not pay attention to where have they fallen.

These measures will give you relief only but will not end the vashikaran effect completely. So start doing these measures as soon as you can and after that contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to vashikaran

1. Vashikaran ka asar kitne din tak rehta hai (How long does vashikaran effect last)?

Vashikaran ka Asar lasts until life ends. If you don’t do any measure to remove it from you.

2.Kya vashikaran sach Hota hai (Is vashikaran real)?

Of course, Vashi Karan exists there is no doubt in it (Vashi Karan sach mein Hota hai isme koi Shaq Nahi hai). If you want to experience the power of true vashikaran and want to make your life easy. You can contact us.

3.Vashikaran ke prabhav/nuksan kya hai (What is vashikaran effects and side effects)?


Due to vashikaran the victim of vashikaran loses his ability to think. He remains in stress and he falls prey to wrong habits.

Vashikaran ke karan vyakti apne sochne samajne ke shamta kho deta hai. Iske saath he wah galat aadaton ka shikaar ho jata hai.

Nuksan/Side Effects

There are no side effects of vashikaran. But a few people do it disturb others. They try to control others using it. After getting control they can harm you as per their wish. So we can say vashikaran harms nobody. The people who use it in the wrong way they harm as per their intentions.

Vashikaran se koi nuksan nahi hota. Balki nuksan un logo ki wajah se hota hai jo log vashikaran ko galat tarike se use karte hain. Toh is tarah hum keh sakte hain ki vashikaran se nuksaan ho he nahi sakta. Nuksan to logon ke galat iradon ke karan hota hai.

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